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Ben’s Successful House Elevation Project In Baldwin NY

January 9th, 2017

Wayne and Mala first came to our office about lifting their Baldwin, NY home in May of 2014. Ben met with them and felt they clicked right away. Ben remembers when their home was built and knew their original architect well so he completely understood the structural design of this 10 year old home. He proceeded to recommend the architect we use for elevations.

The Challenge and Solution

The design process went well which moved us into the permitting process. There were a few snags as they had a deck built without a permit and the Town would not issue a permit for it because it did not conform to the zoning regulations. We worked closely with the owners to layout their options and help them expedite the permit process. They ultimately decided to remove the deck and move forward with the elevation of their home in Baldwin, NY.

We started the project in June of 2016. They had a neighbor that was being very difficult. The neighbor wasn’t clear about where the property line was and was overly protective of it. Our project manager contacted the neighbor and spoke to them often, saving the homeowner from ever having to deal with this inconvenience.

Wayne was very concerned about the storage of his luxury car that he would store in his garage. So we raised the garage concrete slab high enough that it would not flood in regular high tide floods. We also properly supported the garage for his prized possession by adding 4 piles and building a concrete structural slab.

Next, we set the house back down and proceeded to build steps and platforms and reconnect the electric, water, sewer and gas. We had one issue with the water main. It started to leak from the water company side of the connection. After a few calls and a number of visits from the water company, they were able to fix it. The final step was to patch some minor cracks in the drywall and re-paint.

Home Elevation Baldwin New YorkUnique Project Details

Size of Home: 1720 square feet footprint

Special Concerns: Removal of deck built without permit, difficult neighbor, water main leak

Project Duration: 4 months

The house was substantially completed in September 2016 about 4 months after we started. The couple were very happy and were able to move home about a month later. To quote Mala, “I couldn’t be more deeply appreciative and thankful to them for their skilled, timely expedient service.

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