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Creating A Floor Plan That Is Right For Your Family: 3 Important Tips From Our Design Team

March 3rd, 2017

How To Design A Floor PlanWhen designing a floor plan for your new home or even when renovating your home, it is important to take everything into consideration. Here are 3 tips from Ben’s General Contracting Corp.’s design team to help you create a dream home that is beautiful, functional, and will ensure high resale value:

Maximize The View

Does your property overlook the bay, the mountains, a lake or a canal? If so, think about where in your home you would most like to enjoy this view. Is it the bedroom where you will have a balcony to sit and enjoy the sunset over the bay the evening? Or maybe a dining room where you can open French doors out to a large, sprawling deck when entertaining? Maximizing the view increases the resale value of your home.

Remember to Consider Windows and Furniture Placement

One feature many people like is designing their home with an abundance of windows. Who doesn’t love a nice, bright home? However, it is also important to think about where you will put your furniture in each room. When designing my own modular home a few years back, I remember looking at the master bedroom layout and realizing there wouldn’t be a functional spot to put the bed due to all of the windows. Not wanting to give up the windows entirely, I tried to think of a solution. Many Pinterest and Houzz hours later I had found the perfect solution: a long rectangular sliding window above the bed allowing for plenty of natural light, but not interfering with their furniture placement.

Tip: For new homes, try sketching where you will place your furniture on your floor plan. If you are renovating your existing home, use painters tape on the floor to lay out where you are considering placing your furniture.

Think About The Future

Your new home should be one that can continue to grow with your needs and your family. Perhaps you like the idea of a 2-story home but must consider how to get what you want out of a ranch if the stairs will be a problem as you get older. If you plan on having children in the not so distant future design, make sure to design your home accordingly. Although you may not need the extra bedrooms now or a full, finished basement, it is important to take future renovations into consideration. For example, you could design a bedroom large enough that it can be split into 2 smaller bedrooms down the line for children. This will keep costs down for any future remodels.

To find out how we can help you build your dream home, call our design team today at 516-623-2945!

– Written by Lauren Norinder

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