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Why You Should Be Considering Modular Construction For Your Next Commercial Project

April 27th, 2017

commercia modular construction benefitsYou have probably heard of modular construction or maybe even seen a modular home being built or transported on the highway. But did you know a modular building is not just for residential projects? More and more companies are turning to modular as a quicker and more cost-effective solution to their commercial construction needs.

Customized for All Types of Buildings

Modular buildings can be customized to meet each company’s individualized requirements. Virtually every aspect of your modular project, interior and exterior can be tailored to suit your needs. In recent years, modular construction has become increasingly popular for building hotels, college dormitories, daycares, retail spaces, religious institutions, senior housing, and multifamily projects.

Benefits of Modular

Modular construction can save you time, money and aggravation. Built in a factory; in a temperature controlled environment, there are less weather-related delays and fewer site disturbances. The foundation and excavation work can be completed simultaneously while your modular building is constructed in the factory. This means your project will be completed quicker allowing you to put your building to use sooner and allowing for-profit companies to start generating revenue sooner.

This advantage coupled with building in an assembly line fashion with materials that are purchased in bulk help keep costs down.

Another advantage is predictability. Because building materials are bought in bulk, and there are no weather-related delays, modular construction offers both predictable costs and a predictable schedule for delivery and project completion.

Special Accommodations in Modular Construction

Because modular construction has a relatively short history in the commercial world, many people are unaware of the special accommodations that can be included in modular construction. Modular buildings can be built ADA compliant, with fire sprinklers, energy star, HERS rated, or with an elevator shaft in place. They can also be built to meet additional state or local building codes.

To find out if modular construction is an option for your commercial project, call us at 516-623-2945!

– Written by Lauren Norinder

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