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Top 7 Ways To Manage Your Home Construction Project Challenges

August 4th, 2017

Home Construction Project 7 TipsDoes the thought of the stress that goes along with remodeling your home or building a new home make you cringe? If so you’ve probably lived through a stressful construction project or have heard horror stories from someone who has. Fear not! We’ve got you covered with these 7 tips on how to successfully manage common challenges (and your sanity!) during your next construction project!

1. Set A Budget…Then add 10-20%.
Your home construction project will likely go over budget. There’s really no way around it. Make sure to prepare yourself for this mentally and be careful of falling into the “while you are at it” trap. Although $5000 for an additional upgrade may not seem like a lot of money when you are spending $100,000, it all adds up. Adding on crown molding, redoing the wood floors, or any other of these “while you are at it” projects adds cost and additional time. Minimize these items and be realistic when setting your budget. (See #2 for another reason why you should be prepared to go over budget.)

2. Expect The Unexpected.
Understand that there will be hiccups, glitches, and unexpected events. You may uncover hidden termite damage or rotted sill plates. Keep calm! Allow yourself wiggle room in your budget and in your time frame so you don’t stress when something goes awry.

3. Move Out if Possible.
No one likes living in drywall dust or moving the whole family into the one small area of the house that isn’t being renovated. Let’s face it, washing dishes in the bathroom sink is going to get old very quickly. If you can afford it, moving into a temporary month-to-month rental will definitely alleviate some stress.

4. Plan Ahead!
Begin looking at Houzz, Pinterest, or magazines for ideas and inspiration. Before the project begins you should decide on things like your fixtures, appliances, cabinets, paint colors and bathroom tile so you aren’t the cause of any delays. Making these decisions in advance and placing orders for items that may be backordered or take longer for delivery is key to avoiding delays and avoiding unnecessary stress.

5. Thoroughly Review Your Contract.
This ensures there are no unpleasant surprises like when you believe something is supposed to be included and it isn’t. Make sure you know when payment is due and how much payments will be. Review any exclusions before signing.

6. Remember that Communication is Key.
Keep the lines of communication between you and your contractor open and relay your wants and concerns. It is crucial for both the homeowner and the construction professional be clear and consistent in their communication to avoid the “he said, she said”. If you are dissatisfied make sure to speak up. Ask for updates on progress and stay involved.

7. Keep Your Eye on the Prize!
When you get stressed out by everything, think about the end result and remember it is all going to be worth it in the end!

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Article Written By Lauren Norinder

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