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Boost Your Commercial Building’s Energy Efficiency With These Top 4 Tactics

September 26th, 2017

Energy Saving Tips For Commercial BuildingsWith the price of energy continuing to rise and an increased focus on going green, many companies are starting to look at how to reduce their energy consumption. Each year, 30% of the energy consumed by the average commercial building is wasted energy, according to Think for a minute about how much money that translates to in dollars and cents. That’s a lot of green! (Pun intended.)

The good news is that even making a few simple improvements can easily increase your building’s energy efficiency and help save your company money. Here are 4 simple solutions to reduce wasted energy:

Stop Throwing Money Out the (Drafty) Window

Having airtight windows and doors is key to saving energy. Seal air leaks and use weatherstripping, spray foam and caulking wherever possible. If doors and windows are older and not energy efficient, consider investing in new Energy Star labeled windows. They are much more energy efficient than standard windows and although it may seem costly to replace windows and doors, the energy consumption savings will cover the cost in a short time.

Maintain Your HVAC System and Consider an Upgrade

Make sure to do regular maintenance checks of your HVAC system and replace or clean air filters. This is a low-cost way to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency. If ducts are not sealed, insulating them will prevent air leaks and heat loss.

If you have an antiquated HVAC system, it is probably costing you a lot of money in excess energy consumption. Upgrading an outdated HVAC system is an investment that will save you money in the long run.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Heating or cooling your building while everyone is gone for the day or the weekend is a huge waste of energy. Installing a programmable thermostat saves energy by maintaining a comfortable temperature while building is in use and adjusting it to reduce energy consumption while unoccupied.

Invest In Your Building’s Lighting

Replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs reduces electricity consumption tremendously. These bulbs last much longer and use around 75% less energy. Also, remember that taking advantage of sunlight hours saves electricity, so make use of natural light whenever possible. Lastly, consider installing light occupancy sensors to either dim or shut off lights in areas like conference rooms and restrooms when lights are unnecessarily left on when not in use.

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Article Written by Lauren Norinder

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