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If you are opening a gym, expanding a franchise or remodeling an existing location in New York, you are building much more than a location—you’re looking to build your Membership and your Reputation.

Because it’s not just your business plan that will impact your success. It’s the public’s perception of your gym, which is impacted by its design, construction and overall appearance.

The fact is that everything from your location to your layout to your lighting and HVAC system can help your gym succeed.

When you are remodeling or a building a new location, the details matter.


The Ben’s General Contracting Philosophy

At Ben’s we understand the connection between design, construction and your success—we think big picture but we manage every project down to the last detail, on time, and on budget. That’s the Ben’s way.

Whether it’s a franchise or a single location gym, we are uniquely able to complete every part of your project from planning to design to all construction services. It’s not just our value engineering or our use of technology that gets us better results and a better value for the dollar. It’s our over twenty years of experience and our highly personalized process of ‘building a team’ around your project that ensures success through all phases of design, planning and construction.


2015 NARI COTY Regional Contractor Commerical Interiors AwardBen’s, An Award-Winning Contractor—Building The Fitness Center You Envisioned

For over twenty years, Ben’s has specialized in commercial contracting and construction. We are proud of our growing team. Their commitment to each Client has garnered us prestigious Local and Regional awards for Commercial Interiors and Commercial Exteriors from organizations such as the National Institute of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Insights Into Building Your Fitness Center From An Experienced New York Gym Contractor

The first step in building your fitness center is finding the best location. Building size, parking, traffic/visibility and demographics play a key role in success. Locating a fitness center near a transit hub has been a popular and “convenient” concept. People can go to the gym before they get on the train or after work.

Another popular Idea is providing value-add services at your gym such as child care. This works well for single parents juggling their time. Care should be taken in planning due to regulations from the health department on child care. Your design professional can assist you in all code compliance issues.

When it comes to design clean, natural light is king. Large open areas tend to get gloomy with artificial light or worse, not enough light. There are often great limitations on lighting due to location or proximity of neighboring buildings. In this case choosing the right lighting fixtures and types are critical. It is often a good idea to engage the electrician in this process because lighting can be a major cost and the electrician would be able to value engineer it a bit.

Gym InteriorSize counts! That’s right; a big open space is more inviting than a crowded space. There are certainly tradeoffs since leases or purchases are usually based on Square foot pricing, however the smaller the space, the fewer members you can have comfortably at one time. In addition, no member will want to work out so close to another member.

One last feature that cannot be ignored is Heating and cooling, especially cooling. Having enough cooling and having it distributed properly is essential for success at your fitness center. In addition, drafty areas or excessively cold areas can also cause major discomfort and cost you in membership and reputation. It is critical to have the right HVAC Company from the start to guide you through the proper equipment as far as energy efficiency sizing, location and longevity. This company should also be the one that will service it once the building is turned over to you.

Gym and Fitness Center General Contractor—Put Your Plan Into Action

Building or remodeling a gym in New York, or on Long Island? Ben’s has excelled in all of the above from start to finish. We build using all of the latest and best technology with the top organizations in the industry to value engineer your project to suit your needs. To talk to an experienced commercial general contractor, please give us a call at (516) 623-2945 whether you are in the bidding stage or just starting scouting locations.

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