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Is Your Long Island Home ‘HERS’ Rated?

220px-RESNET_HERS_IndexHomeowners report that an energy efficient home with a low HERS index score costs less to run and is valued higher by buyers. Ben’s General Contracting (516-623-2945) directly assists homeowners on the South Shore, in Nassau County and in Suffolk County on Long Island in providing one of the most in depth energy performance assessments and in upgrading your home to become more energy efficient. The goal is to have a low HERS score. The lower the score, the more energy efficient your home and the more you save.

Why Should I Get A HERS Rating?

•    Save on energy costs and bills
•    Improve the safety and environment of your home
•    Reduce your carbon footprint
•    Meet local requirements
•    Make your home more attractive and valuable to potential buyers
•    Follow standards of a nationally recognized scoring system

Many areas are now requiring more stringent energy savings methods of construction. This includes testing and certification by a HERs rater. The HERS energy index rating are used by the Towns of Hempstead and Oyster Bay, to name a few. Most of what’s needed is not very expensive to implement with the exception of HVAC equipment. The energy rating for this equipment must have a much higher rating than it did prior to any upgrades, which can increase equipment costs. All the ductwork must be sealed on all ends and fully insulated, for example.

Some other differences in construction are sealing the vapor barriers with tape, spray foam at all the seams in the framing and sheathing and spray foam at the sill plates. Many of these practices are normal procedures anyway. The insulation now used has a higher “R” value also. All combustion appliances must comply with combustion safety testing standards.  All lighting must also be energy efficient. A minimum 50 cfm bath fan must be used, for example.

All the above will save in energy costs. It’s important that your home does not become too “tight,” however because fresh air is important. The goal is to have a “tight” house while maintaining proper venting levels.

Once your home is complete, a series of tests will be performed to check for leaks in the HVAC system and the “tightness” of the house. Once complete and passed a certificate will be issued. Your Certificate of occupancy could be delayed without this certificate.

The HERS tests are as follows:

•  Sizing HVAC Systems  •  Air-seal Inspection   •  Insulation inspection  • HVAC Duct-leakage  • Air infiltration (blower door test)

• Duct test   •  Mechanical ventilation  • Combustion safety test   • Attic hatch   • Lighting  • Appliance assessment


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If you are looking for a Long Island contractor who will help you test, rate and then improve the energy efficiency of your home, call Ben’s General Contracting at (516) 623-2945 today. We are an Energy Star company with proven experience in HERS.

NOTE: According to, “Government agencies such as the Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognize the HERS Index as an official verification of energy performance.”

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