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House Lifting in Long Island, NY

Ben’s General Contracting Corp. has been at the forefront of the house lifting industry in Long Island since Hurricane Sandy. We have lifted, finished and brought home over 55 very satisfied families in Nassau & Suffolk County. Our competitive edge:

  • Smart and organized management team
  • Experienced leadership
  • 36 years in business
  • Systematic approach to house lifting and home elevation safety
  • In house construction team: piles, concrete, carpentry, plumbing

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House Lifting Long Island NYHurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating storms to hit the country. We were the first local company to understand the latest technologies and regulations for your home elevation on Long Island. Grant money has been provided to elevate your existing home or build new at the proper elevation. Many lift-only companies and small contractors have tried their hand at house lifting, but were incapable of getting people home in a timely manner and leaving them satisfied. Ben’s General Contracting Corp. has truly mastered the process. Take a look at some of the success stories below and you will soon find that you have found the best company to hire for your elevation project.

What is a House Lift?

House raising, also referred to as ‘house lifting’ or ‘house jacking’, basically elevates your house to help prevent (or reduce) flood damage. One of the main advantages of raising homes in flood zone areas is that it can help protect your investment and greatly reduce insurance costs.

House Lifting Guide: A Step By Step Home Elevation eGuide

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Watch As Ben’s Lifts A Huge 3,000 SF House Smoothly – Click Below >>

Watch Our Sept. 2014 Freeport House Lifting and House Lowering – Click Below >>

>>Learn more about how Ben’s General Contracting helped local families go home faster here.

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Expertise in Raising Homes in Nassau County

As licensed house raising contractors, Ben’s has a great deal of experience raising homes on Long Island, both large and small. You can rest assured your home will be elevated safely and within FEMA housing and property guidelines. Call (516) 623-2945 for more information.

Government Grants for House Raising in Nassau County

There is good news for Nassau County residents. If your home is located in a flood zone, you may be eligible for a NY Rising grant to use towards the cost of raising a home.  You can find out eligibility requirements at the NY Rising storm recovery website.

How Much Does A House Lift Cost?

People often ask us how much does a lift cost. Our answer always is that your project needs to be designed properly by an architect as a first step. Some guidelines to help you figure out price are that a minimum cost for a full service lift start to finish could start as low as $130,000. Splits and High Ranches can be as much as $240,000 and more. When you contact Ben’s to discuss pricing, we will meet you promptly, understand your needs and provide you a competitive price in a reasonable amount of time. You will receive outstanding customer service, project management and workmanship that is unsurpassed.

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If you live in a flood zone area in Nassau County, NY, you are familiar with the devastating effects a hurricane can have on a house. After Hurricane Sandy, many homeowners have been faced with the decision to demolish their home and build a completely new one. Thankfully, there are more practical alternatives, such as house raising. Ben’s has been very active in Freeport and other flood zones raising and rebuilding homes since the Sandy Storm.

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For more details on the process behind house lifting in Nassau County and our video showing a Freeport NY House Lifting, go to:

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