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Our goal is clear: make every client a “raving fan.”  Here is what our clients have to say about Ben’s.

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“It was such a pleasure to work with people that are competent, immensely responsive, forthright, fair and honest.  Tyra and Tara are amazing. They take ownership of problems and see them through with genuine concern, compassion and professionalism.

Don was always willing to address my concerns immediately. I always felt he listened to me even when I did not know what I was talking about.

Ben was always monitoring the project and received me warmly without appointment and in the most professional manner.

Despite great demands when needed he was there immediately and addressed any issue I had. The quality of the build is admired by all who see it. That includes Village officials and utility employees as well as neighbors and friends. Health and Happiness to all !!!!!!

Please call me if I can be of service to you at anytime.” – Martin M.

“Amazed and impressed! No other General Contractor could or would provide this kind of coordinated and swift service. Super job Don and super job to your team. You guys built me a very cool house. THANKS.” – Tom C., Freeport



“Always great to see you Ben. Thank you for all you do.”







– Brian Curran, NYS Assemblyman

“I want to thank you for all that you do for our communities. We are lucky to have you.”









– Laura Curran, Nassau County Legislator

“Dear Ben, Keep making Freeport beautiful!









– Erin King Sweeney, Councilwoman, Town of Hempstead

“I have found Ben’s to be honorable, responsible, honest, absolutely trustworthy and dependable…I would highly recommend them.” – Alvin D.

“Ben and Tony provide superior service and unmatchable follow up.  Their pricing has always been competitive and exceptional for the quality results provided.” – Thomas S.

“The skill, speed and quality of workmanship you performed was not only satisfactory, it was exceptional….We were amazed at how quickly you completed all of the work and how skillfully it was done, down to the tiniest detail…you can be sure we will continue to recommend you to other friends.” – Vinnia and Jeanne F.

“Ben has shown exemplary craftsmanship, professionalism, and integrity in all aspects of his business relationships and projects. The loyalty shown by his customers and business partners are a testament to the type of company that Ben has established. Highly Recommended.” – Kristie R.

“We, like many other New Yorkers were devastated by Superstorm Sandy.  Also along with many New Yorkers, our flood insurance and homeowners insurance companies were more interested in keeping monies in their accounts than paying them to us.  We were very involved with New York Rising.  Unfortunately, everything is a “process”.  This process went on for almost 1 1/2 years.  We contacted Jerry Win from Ben’s Contracting and signed a contract with him to repair our home.  The Village of Freeport estimated the damages to our home in the amount of 93.3% destroyed.  We had our Flood Insurance company give Ben’s the first check in the repair process.  However, the only way to repair this home was to level it and raise it.  I am a senior and I physically cannot walk the steps that would have been necessary to get into the house.

Then we were told by New York Rising that we were in the group to have our house bought by New York State through the New York Rising Buyout program.  Well like everything else this was a “process”.  Ben’s agreed to hold our check for repair and put our contract on hold until we found out whether the State would actually buy the house.

This situation went on for MONTHS.  At no time during that time frame did Jerry of Ben’s, Tony of Ben’s or Ben of Ben’s bother us to start construction.  Jerry checked in every few weeks to find out how things were going.  Actually, I think he checked in more to find out if our depression and mental anguish due to the Superstorm and ensuing issues was any better.  This man and the entire company are real HUMAN BEINGS.

Well, long story even longer, the State finally purchased the house and our mortgage got paid off.  Ben’s gave us a check back in the FULL AMOUNT that we had given them from the insurance company.  They took not ONE CENT for their time and efforts on our behalf.

WHAT A TERRIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE TO WORK WITH.  You read everyday about general contractors who rip off people, well that is one thing you will never see or hear about from Ben’s.

I have stayed in touch with Jerry Win, from Ben’s and hopefully I can recommend Ben’s to people who need contracting work.  If we ever own in New York again, we will DEFINITELY use Ben’s for any work we will need.

Our heartfelt and sincere thanks go out to Ben, Tony, Jerry and the entire staff of Ben’s.” – Marlene and Dan B.


“I can’t imagine trusting any other contractor with my biggest asset, top shelf best in class!” – Jonathan C.

“I know Ben and Tony from their volunteering for Friends of Freeport, a group that helps people still in distress from Sandy. They donate their time, expertise, and sometimes their machinery and at least one of them is there every weekend. Am I surprised that a contractor would get a letter like this? Usually , yes, but with Ben’s, not at all.” – Carl P.

“Bravo. Our industry needs more companies like yours.” – Liam F.

“With all of the NY Rising behind me and the award of the first half of my rant I was able to give Ben and the team the green light to move ahead. Move ahead they did at a lightning speed! A schedule was put in place, visits were made to the house in preparation and then the demolition of the outside began. The crew was at my home for two days and at the end of each day they cleaned up immaculately. I truly felt that they treated my property with the same level of respect they would treat their own, it was refreshing to experience.” [excerpt] Joseph F. July 8, 2014

“I felt comfortable enough to leave my home open to them so that I could go off to work. That says a lot about the integrity of this family owned company.” – Carol B.

“Ben’s Construction Company is not only reliable, but ethical and trustworthy, qualities which should ensure their continued success.” – Carol B.

“My neighbors are all commenting on how nice the place is going to look. My sisters can’t get over the difference, and you have only been on the job a few days…hats off to you!” – Maureen S.

“Ben built our home – after 10 years, still great and whenever there’s an issue, even maintenance related, Ben is personally there to point us in the right direction.” – Christine F.

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