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Veterinary Clinic / Pet Hospital Construction Contractors

We specialize in the construction of veterinary offices, pet hospitals, animal clinics, & pet boarding facilities in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx

construction for animal hospital interior Are you building or remodeling an existing vet office, animal clinic or animal hospital in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx area? Ben’s General Contracting provides a comprehensive approach to veterinary design and construction. From the preconstruction stages to the actual construction of your office or facility, we manage your veterinary construction project from beginning to end.

Why Choose Our Veterinary Constructions Contractors? Planning. Design. Construction.

Planning and design plays an integral role in the outcome of your veterinary hospital, office or clinic. This will ensure that your construction plan fits your needs, your timeline and your budget. We will assist you in every facet of your construction project including site selection, engineering, architectural design and construction.

We aim to build an animal hospital or veterinary office that pet owners will be glad to bring their pets to in the future. Our focus is centered on building a facility that provides customers with a warm, positive experience; pets with a safe and healthy environment; and, employees with a smoothly operating office environment outfitted with the right equipment. For more information about our general contracting services, feel free to contact us online or call (516) 623-2945 today.

animal hospital construction completed photoTypes of Veterinary Facilities We Build in New York

•    Animal hospitals / Veterinary hospitals
•    Emergency animal clinics
•    Veterinary clinics
•    Animal clinics and shelters
•    Pet hotels and resorts
•    Pet boarding kennels
•    Reception desk areas, waiting areas, surgical and treatment areas, examination rooms, back end offices

Design & General Contracting for Animal Hospitals, Animal Clinics & Animal Shelters

A veterinary office should be visually appealing and provide a comfortable work environment for your employees and comfortable for your patients. If you’re remodeling an existing animal hospital, we have dealt with the “open remodel” and are capable of maintaining operations without major disruptions.

Our veterinary and animal hospital contracting services:veterinarian-gif

•    Architectural design
•    New construction, build outs and remodeling
•    Veterinary equipment installation
•    Pet-friendly accommodations for patients
•    Noise control and sound-proofing
•    Odor management for fresh and clean air
•    Engineering plans, space plans and architectural design
•    Energy efficient design

Contact Ben’s Today

For an estimate and consultation for veterinary construction contracting, call our office at: (516) 623-2945. Ben’s General Contracting is a licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company for animal hospitals and veterinary clinics in New York.

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